• Transportation Line Phone Numbers

    If you need to call in for assistance booking or adjusting trips please use the following contact numbers: Arizona Arizona Complete Health: 1-888-788-4408 Allwell by Arizona Complete Health (Medic... Read More

  • How do I book a trip?

    From the main page, click on  in the top-right corner of the screen. This will take you through a four-step process. Passenger LookupLookup the passenger's information using their name, account na... Read More

  • How do I rebook a trip?

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to rebook a trip from the main page. Book AgainIn order to access the BOOK AGAIN button, you will need to open the member's itinerary card from the main pag... Read More

  • Can I book a repeating/recurring trip?

    Yes. In the Itinerary Details step of the trip booking process, we will collect the necessary details to allow for recurring trips— repeating frequency, the day(s) of the week the trip will repeat,... Read More

  • How far out can I book a trip?

    While it is always recommended that you book a trip at least two to three business days in advance, each health plan may have a different restrictions on how far out you can book a trip. For exampl... Read More

  • How can I add special equipment requests to a trip?

    In the Trip Details step of the trip booking process, you can specify if the member has any Specific Needs. These include: Oxygen Service Animal Walker Hearing Impaired Sight Impaired Immunocompro... Read More

  • What if my passenger needs an item that isn’t on the Specific Needs list?

    If you need to add a note to the trip that isn’t included in the special equipment list, you can add additional instructions in the final step of trip booking. These instructions will be seen by th... Read More

  • Why isn't RideView letting me book a trip for a passenger?

    In order to book a trip for a passenger, they must be included in our eligibility files. If you believe the passenger should be in our eligibility files, please click on this link and select "Updat... Read More

  • How can I add a passenger to your system?

    If you can’t locate a passenger in our system, you’ll be instructed to call the contact center. Please ensure that you’re reaching out to the appropriate phone number, specific to the passenger's p... Read More

  • I’m having issues finding a location.

    RideView must verify the geolocation of every address before it can add that address to a trip. If you cannot find the correct address, please reach out to the appropriate contact center for furthe... Read More